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  • Fläkt och Sfär in Swedish translates to Fan and Sphere. Celebrating harmony in all things so that we can live a more mindful life with balanced interior design and create our home oasis away from the stresses of our day. Our Sfären print series is inspired by the Swedish lifestyle concept of "lagom", meaning "just enough" and is intended to create calm and focus through form and composition to help you take a mindful moment and live better. Our handmade minimalist style block prints are a place for you to rest your eyes and relax your mind.


    Paper size: 11”x14”

    Image Size: 6”x 7 3/4”


    This is an open edition linoleum print that has been hand carved and printed on thin rice paper. Each is titled and signed by our printmaker, Drew Kail. Since each one is printed by hand, some variation is possible.

    Fläkt Och Sfär - Fan and Sphere

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