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My work investigates the dynamics of landscape and the built environment, including its effects on us and the limits of our knowing as thresholds. Rather than presenting a factual reality, a misty illusion is fabricated to conjure the realms of our imagination.  Grounding in the familiar form of stretched canvas hung on the wall, we understand the painted landscape as imagined portals of the known and unknown.  Employing fiber art techniques presents an element of unfamiliar though ethereal tactile sensibility.


Felted Color Fields are one of a kind works of wall art. Inspired by minimalist abstract paintings and the tradition of landscape imagery to decorate our home and workspaces, this series utilizes fiber art techniques such as silk painting and nuno-felting. The titles are derived from the things that I’m researching, reading, and listening to and are inspired by the boundless curiosities of the world and the wonder we can find, if we seek it.


Materials and techniques:

Each piece in the Felted Color Field series is created by wet felting layers of combed merino wool and nuno felting silk organza panels that have been hand painted with procion dyes, fabric paints, and resists.  The finished works are stretched and mounted onto archival canvasses and ready to hang.

"a builder of inner walls" 5"x7"