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  • At Camp Copeland Studio we value our local non-profits for all the wonderful work they do helping to create an equitable and sustainable future for our region. To help support these amazing organizations we decided to start a new program called "Non-Profit Partnership Prints". The idea is simple. We work with a non-profit organization that we love to create art prints themed around their mission. Each print is a handmade linocut printed by us in our Braddock, PA shop. $10 from each print sale goes to the non-profit! To start this program we partnered with one of our favorite local organizations, Grow Pittsburgh.


    Grow Pittsburgh is a 501c3 charitable nonprofit that serves as a resource and guide for backyard, school and community gardeners, as well as urban farmers across the Greater Pittsburgh region. Their mission is to teach people how to grow food and to promote the benefits that gardens bring to our neighborhoods.


    Click here

    for more info on this amazing organization.


    For this non-profit partnership, we decided on a year-long collaboration featuring a new print each month. All prints will feature our favorite and most useful garden tools. With each print purchased, we will donate $10 to Grow Pittsburgh, which is the equivalent of approximately 3 seedlings for a local school or community garden.


    The 12 prints that we will be releasing this year for our partnership with Grow Pittsburgh will each feature a useful garden tool. January's image features a farmer in a field with a broadfork. A broadfork is a multi-purpose tool used for tilling, lifting, and aerating soil.


    February's print will be of bypass pruners!



    As each print is handmade, some variation is possible. We find the variation lovely and proof that you item is indeed handmade.

    Broadfork -Linocut Print


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