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  • Our 100% Wool Panels seek to solve many problems at once. They help to absorb unwanted sound pollution, are easy to hang with just 4 screws or hooks (wall friendly!), and include an attached basket to hold your vital things and keep them organized and handy.


    Many color options and combinations make them customizable to blend in with your current decor or add a *pop* of color as needed. If you're looking for a monochrome design, simply choose the same color Panel Color and Basket Color.


    The Backer panels are 16"x12", 8mm thick and have an NRC rating of 0.30. There are 4 hidden grommeted holes on the back piece, creating an easy installation option (screws or adhesive hooks not included).


    The included basket is 6"x11" and works well for mail and paperwork, small notebooks, cords, and other small everyday items.

    Sound Absorbing Wall Panel with Mail Basket


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