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  • Spark joy and keep your counters clean while you cook with our colorful handmade fused glass spoon rests. Designed to elevate your kitchen accessories from the mass-produced alternative, our utensil rests are handcrafted using meaningful and sustainable practices. Each one is a handmade piece glass art that combines a minimalist Danish Pastel aesthetic and function. A mindful kitchen is centered around intention and conscious living. It’s full of healthy foods and conversations that nourish and invigorate ourselves and our loved ones. We believe that your kitchen decor items should cultivate these qualities as well. Available in four color pairings. 

    Approximate Dimensions: 4.25”

    *Stain-resistant and easy to hand wash

    *Made with care in small batches (Not mass produced)

    *Holds many different sized utensils 

    *Handmade pieces of glass art

    *Contemporary style 

    *Mustard yellow and Avocado may have slight color variations. This is normal for this particular color and we think it's adorbs!

    The nonporous nature of glass is stain resistant, prevents the growth of bacteria, and is easy to clean. Our utensil holders are food safe and durable, but we do recommend hand washing and no microwaving. As each piece is handmade some variation is possible. 


    How They’re made:

    Our fused glass serving trays, organizers, self draining soap dishes, and spoon rests begin as raw colored sheets of glass, which are cut to size by hand and assembled in an electric kiln. Our molds are created by hand as well. The glass is then formed using a high heat process similar to glass casting. Once cool, each item is then demolded and sandblasted before being re-fired at a lower temperature to create a matte finish. Our glassware is food safe and durable, but we do recommend hand washing. 

    Nourish - Color Pair Spoon Rest


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