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  • A home can help us regain our core. It is an oasis away from the stresses of our day to refocus, relax and have a mindful moment of peace and quiet. That is until you see that drink stain on your beautiful wooden table. Then all bets are off. That is why we created our Spruce moisture absorbent felted wool coasters, which are the epitome of utilitarian fashion for your home. Made of a 5mm thick, 100% wool material which is cut into 4-inch squares with angle-cut corners, the shape adds a geometric pop of color to your furniture while also accommodating the base of most any glass or mug. Wool is a great material to protect your furniture's precious surfaces from dents and dings as well as condensation from your drink ware, as it's incredibly absorbent and the felt thickness is so great that it helps to keep the moisture from soaking through.


    Coasters come in sets of two.

    Purchase more than one set and mix and match colors to accent any decor.

    Spruce - Felt Coasters


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