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Win Holiday Gifting With Our New Soap and Soap Dish Sets

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Do you have trouble finding that perfect gift for the design lover who also appreciates high-quality palm-free and vegan soaps? Well, we have you covered with our new holiday soap dish sets. These stylish and mindful sets are a collaboration between Camp Copeland and our favorite soap makers, Sleepy Hollow Handmade. We couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out and they are now available on our website! Not only do they make wonderful gifts, but they’re also a great way to support two small businesses this holiday season. We can’t wait to tell you about all three sets, but first, let us tell you a little bit about Sleepy Hollow Handmade and how the collaboration began.

A Collaboration of Two Handmade Businesses in Pittsburgh

We’ve produced our handmade self draining fused glass soap dishes for years now, but have always wanted to partner with a local soap company that held our same values. Sleepy Hollow Handmade is your local, Pittsburgh-based, queer-owned small business, specializing in small-batch soaps and body care items. They use simple ingredients to ensure that your body and mind are taken care of. We LOVE their soaps, so a few months back we invited owners Tim and Joey over to our production shop for a visit. It quickly became apparent after sharing the processes and design philosophies behind our products that we could work together. What sealed the deal was seeing their beautiful and colorful soaps on our dishes. It was a match made in heaven! What better than a highly crafted and design-forward soap nesting on a handcrafted self-draining fused glass soap dish? And at a reasonable cost! Both us and Sleepy Hollow Handmade discounted our portion of the set to make them $34! They compliment each other perfectly. Even better, not only are Sleepy Hollow Handmade’s soaps lovely to look at, but they also smell amazing! After much deliberation on which of their handmade soaps go best with which of our fused glass soap dishes, we came to 3 gift set options that we think are perfect.

Marbled Cinnamon and Charcoal Dish Set

Our first set combines holiday ambiance with our charcoal gray self-draining soap dish. The marbled cinnamon soap features swirls of metallic mica to create a stunning marbled effect. This impressive design is complemented by the spicy, savory cinnamon fragrance, with base notes of sugar and butter. This soap is part of Sleepy Hollow Handmade’s exclusive holiday lineup. Once it sells out, it won't be back until next Winter, so grab one today! Finding the perfect dish for this soap was easy. The aroma of the soap reminds us of baking holiday cookies. Consider our fused glass charcoal soap dish a serving tray!

Pine and Pistachio Dish Set

Our second set combines our most popular color of glass, pistachio, with a walk through a Christmas movie. One sniff of Sleepy Hollow Handmade’s Pine soap, and you will immediately be whisked off to a Winter Wonderland!! With notes of pine needle and clove bud, and a pinch of sweetness and ozone, this soap smells just like a walk in the forest after the season's first snowfall.

Bonus info about pine, if the colder weather lately has been doing a number on your skin, then you'll also love Pine's extra-gentle formulation. This soap is loaded with extra cocoa butter and shea butter, to make sure that your skin is treated to the most luxurious lather!

Spiced Berry and Peach Dish Set

Our third set is good enough to eat! And features Sleepy Hollow Handmade’s Spiced Berry soap atop our peach cream glass soap dish. Spiced Berry is Sleepy Hollow Handmade’s most refined bar of soap this fall! Perfectly sweet, tart, and spicy, this bar of soap is scented with cranberry, fig, citrus, and cinnamon! This elegant, cranberry and cream-colored soap features a gold pencil line between the layers and a dusting of gold mica on top for added elegance. Cranberry seeds offer a gentle exfoliation that your skin will just adore! The perfect bar and dish to pair with the holiday season!

Each set comes wrapped in decorative rose gold tissue and includes a coupon code to purchase more soap. It’s the gift that keeps on giving and one that is sure to impress! Click here to view the whole collection or to purchase.

As I mentioned above, we are thrilled to have collaborated on this project with Tim and Joey from Sleepy Hollow Handmade and feel that this is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Visit their website at to see all of the beautiful and aromatic soaps that they offer. As always, thank you for supporting small businesses!

Happy Holidays!

Drew and Alyssa


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