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5 Greens We Love For Mindful Interior Design and Decor

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Color directly influences our mood, which is why it’s so important that we surround ourselves in our homes with colors that nourish us and evoke positivity. Our home should be a place of contentment, and joy, to refresh, rewind and relax. We take color theory very seriously at Camp Copeland Studio. All of our artisan handmade objects are thoughtfully and mindfully designed with the psychological influence of color intensely considered for your benefit. Having positive and calming colors in your home as part of a balanced interior design style can help you create a sanctuary away from the stresses of your day. Green interior styling and objects are especially balancing, due to the colors' relationship with nature. In this article, I will list our favorite greens we use for our objects and in our own homes. This is the first in a series of blog posts dedicated to color which I hope you find as interesting as we do.

Calming And Spiritual Sage

The first color I’d like to mention is honestly my favorite in regards to interior design and decor. There are quite a few walls in our home painted sage green. Why is it my favorite? Because it’s both a neutral and rich color that can balance any room's home decor. The natural calming and spiritual attributes of sage green make it wonderful to use in a meditation room, or as an accent wall in your living room to unwind. It’s almost as if you’re smudging your home with color to cleanse the aura. Pair it with elements such as houseplants, or artwork with a natural aesthetic such as in the photo below of our guest bedroom. The sage green walls of the room recede and allow the daffodils, purple hyacinth, and our handmade June Roses” block print to be bright, colorful, and poppy accents. Sage green flows well with many different decor styles but is especially fantastic incorporated with Japandi which is one of the more popular interior design styles this year.

Invigorating and Precious Pistachio

Next on our list is refreshing and invigorating pistachio. This is the most popular green in our line of products. The lively, yet pastel nature of pistachio makes it a great accent color in a neutral interior design scheme. Psychologically, it can boost one’s mood as a symbol of renewal and its gemlike qualities evoke feelings of preciousness and wealth. The objects made with the color become something to be cherished instead of merely owned. A great example of pistachio green in the home can be seen in the photograph below. Our fused glass pistachio “Nourish” tray illuminates on the table, balancing our bright, saturated hand-felted colorfield in an otherwise light gray room. In our opinion, pistachio green is a must-have accent in a Nordic-themed or scandi style interior space as it reflects sunlight exceptionally well, helping to brighten your home even during the cloudiest days.

The Natural Abundance of Chartreuse

As I mentioned above, pistachio is the most popular green in our line of products. A close second would be chartreuse. Earthy and lush, chartreuse green is a color that exudes abundance and reminds us of eating avocados or drinking a fancy cocktail in the coolest bar in New York. Yellow greens like chartreuse are considered to be the most stress-reducing in the green family. It is a color that is both decadent, invigorating, and elegant. Retro and contemporary. We use chartreuse green for accent dishes and custom works such as our kiln-formed glass citrus bowl, which is pictured below. It’s a relatively new color to our studio, so we’re excited to use it in more projects in the future.

Energize Your Room With Lime

The brightest color that we use in design and our objects, lime will liven up any room of your house. The high-energy color is thought to evoke feelings of confidence, and creativity and is an instant mood lifter. Lime is a wonderful addition to your home office or kitchen. The color can be beneficial anywhere where you may need a mental boost during the day. We use this green to make several items for your home. Our lime green “Invigorate” fused glass spoon rest features a poppy pattern. Since the object is 100% glass, the color will never fade. Our lime wool catchall bowls and coasters can be used around the home to keep yourself organized, and your tabletops clean, while providing a pleasant place to focus your attention. A versatile color, lime green provides a lot of pop with even the smallest amount.

Healthy and Calming Avocado

Last, but not least, is avocado green. Just as the fruit it is named after, this shade of green is related to wellness, self-acceptance, balance, and peace of mind. Evoking a deep connection to nature, avocado green is a color of connection and meditation. Similar to the color in matcha tea, as you can see in the photo below, we often use it for spoon rests and serving dishes because it speaks of abundance and nourishment. Avocado green can be used in a variety of interior design styles, but we believe that it’s best suited for a Japandi kitchen in your home.

Find Your Bliss

The best interior design is the one that allows you to find your bliss while at home. Color has a strong influence on us attaining that bliss and should be a top consideration when styling your interior spaces. The color theory behind green can be one of calm, renewal, and life, but also invigorating and creative. Its strong association with nature and the incredible variety of shades make it a beneficial and versatile color to use when curating your home's interior design and decor.

We will continue to share our passion for color theory regarding interior design and decor on our blog and social media. If you’d like to stay up to date please sign up for our newsletter, sign up to become a member at the top of this page, or follow us on Instagram or Pinterest. And if you think someone you know would benefit from this article please share it! We’d love to hear your thoughts or questions on the matter. Please don’t hesitate to use the comments or send us an email at

Thanks for reading,

Alyssa and Drew


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