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  • Our environment influences everything from sleep, anxiety and focus. A cluttered home has been linked to decreased life satisfaction and even a negative effect on our immune system by causing our bodies to create a continuous fight or flight response. In short, stress is the enemy of a mindful home! That is why we created our Spruce felted wool wall baskets. We believe that a mindful home is more than a house. It is a sanctuary that nurtures, invigorates and inspires us. An oasis away from the stresses of our day. Inspired by Scandinavian design and the Swedish concept of 'lagom', meaning "just right", our Spruce wall baskets provide the perfect combination between style and function. Each basket is constructed with 3mm thick industrial felted merino wool in 3 contemporary colors. Durable nickel coated hardware hold them together, making our baskets perfect for tidying up. With a designated place for your important papers, etc. you can free up tables and countertops, decrease clutter and get one step closer to realizing your mindful home.



    Approximate Outer Dimension: 7”x4”

    Spruce -Cellphone / Eyeglass Pouch


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