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  • "Contemplation" is a one-of-a-kind fused glass art object inspired by our exploration into mindfulness. Through meditation we investigate, and it is not a fixed journey or destination. There are sensations, emotions, and thoughts that we encounter along the path, which when treated with a natural curiosity, will help us achieve mindfulness.


    Outer Dimensions: 7.5”x1”

    Inner Dimensions: 6.75”x.75”


    Our objects are intended to refresh, revitalize and restore you and your home. After all, your home is a sanctuary where you can rest and rebalance. Evidence of the making process for the vessel is intentionally left untouched to embrace the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, to show the making process, and allow imperfection to reveal its beauty because there is an imperfection in nature. The piece is sustainably cast from remnant glass to reduce our carbon footprint. A mindful home is about qualities that we see as "good" itself; happiness, peace, beauty, wisdom, balance, health, and well-being. Our objects are inspired by these very same ideals and are intended to help you attain your sanctuary to shape the living space that you want. One that nurtures and invigorates.




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