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  • Like walking through a marigold field on a cloudless summer afternoon. The perfect, unfiltered blue of the sky meeting the rich and warm yellow flowers dancing atop the most essential green earth. The scene is both picturesque and nourishing for your mind, body, and soul. This is the inspiration for our "Impressionism" kiln cast glass vessel. An object intended to inspire mindful thinking. Evidence of the making process for the vessel is intentionally left untouched. This is done to show the hand of the artist and allow imperfection to reveal its beauty because there is an imperfection in nature. The piece is sustainably cast from remnant glass to reduce our carbon footprint. A mindful home is about qualities that we see as "good" itself; happiness, peace, beauty, wisdom, balance, health, and well-being. Our objects are inspired by these very same ideals and are intended to help you attain your home sanctuary.


    Outer: 11”x4X.75”

    Inner: 3.75”x10.25”x.5



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